Life Attractions and How it works

How it works

Light Up Ur Life
With Owota A Y


‘who decides how I live my life’

When you identify yourself with unrighteousness you will attracts the relatives of unrighteousness which are

1. Adultery

2. Fornication

3. Uncleanness

4. Lewdness

5. Idolatry

6. Sorcery

7. Hatred

8. Contention

9. Jealousies

10. Out burst of wrath

11. Selfish

12. Ambitions

13. Dissension

14. Heresies

15. envy

16. murders

17. drunkenness

18. revelries

Those who practice such will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21)

I say then walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

To the world this doesn’t matter, it is part of life, but let us examines ourselves, from the day you were born till this day who is telling you how to live your life, who decides how tomorrow would be, what brought about the outcome of today, at the point of making a decision who decide the one to take. If it is not you, who then? Is life not like the seed the farmer plant and in due season he gets his harvest, or will the farmer plant corn seeds and harvest bean seeds, or will the farmer plant orange seeds and expect an apple harvest.

What then determines the outcome of our life; is it not what we want that we go after or someone else is dictating that part for us as well. It is time for us to be conscious of our life, know what you want and plant that seed only, don’t live an unrighteous life and expect a life full of love, joy and peace.

Why do we do what you do everyday, who are we protecting, who are we afraid of, who do we want to please, is it the creator or his creation.

Be vigilant, stand your ground, don’t be afraid decide to be righteous, decide to love your neighbour as yourself, choose to do good to all man, and see if in due season you will not reap what you have sown.


You are a blessing.

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New Life Style

Light Up Ur Life
with Owota A Y

20th January
My new mind set, my new lifestyle, and the trial of my faith

The word I have accepted into my life, the words I so believe in have attracted trialling times into my life. The situation is still there, the sickness is getting worse, the bank wants to take over the house, the store is still empty, the business is like nothing is happening, and the government is not helping the matter.
The question is do you still believe in the prophetic word of the year; ‘it is my year to recover all’ ‘it is my year of double portion’ do you still live that lifestyle of a new beginning, do you still trust the word of life that was spoken over your life, do you still stand on your faith, because it is the fruit of your belief that is your victory over any challenging situation you might be facing right now; “count it all joy when you come into diverse temptation as a result of your new faith, your new mind set, your new lifestyle” because when your faith still stand on the word, though the situation still look like it is there, don’t worry, darkness will give way, because he is not patience, and darkness cannot exit where light is.
Don’t forget it is to you according to your faith (belief), and not according to your environmental/physical situation, or the economic situation.
Remain bless.


Light Up Ur Life

with Owota A Y

1st JANUARY 2013

Happy new year, it is a new day; the beginning of another year, the starting point of another day, everyone is happy, and full of joy to see another year, a day everyone believe to be a new calendar year and it is so, and we believe and our believe become it.

I can feel His presence, because everyone is happy, and we all at His presence, thanking God for what He has done for us last year, counting our blessings, naming them one by one; we know it was by His grace, that we are alive today; just yesterday the death of a one time senator was announced, why? We may ask ourselves, but the thought of who decides who lives or dies has never pop up in our mind, so we must learn to appreciate life itself and to always live thanking the SOURCE. Oh our plug is still on…

The feeling of something new, a fresh start…another expectations for the year; a prophesy has gone forth ‘the year of double portion’ ‘the year of change of levels’ ‘the year of favour’ ‘the year of supernatural recovery’ the year of total recovery’ and before the 31st of December would come to an end all the prophesies should have come to pass.

It will come to pass in the life of those that believe, that hold on to the word come rain come sun, all they know is what the word of prophesy says concerning them this year. It is not just shouting it to your neighbour, sticking a the sticker on your car, your door post, and forgetting the word when the enemy strikes, know that believing is a life style, it is a new life style cause by a change of thought, an awareness of something new, something that has not happen before.

It is written, it has been spoken of, the Lord has says it, it is left for us to adopt it into our life, breath it as your oxygen and never have any doubt about it, knowing it shall come to pass if you faint not. It is what you give to life that life will offer back to you, give life a double portion mentality and he will offer you a double portion results, give life a life full of fear and doubts and he will offer to you a fearful experience. Your new lifestyle will be tested, with the test of time to prove you of your belief, and your reaction to challenges and situation will tell if you still live in the spoken word concerning your life. Please don’t forget it is a new year.

Remain bless


In Her Home dwells an excellent Spirit

Image   When I told you that the devil came but to steal, kill and destroy your life, I am not talking of physical stealing or killing or him coming into your home or your business to destroy you. All he does is make sure you don’t know who you are, by disconnecting you from your God, he steals your birth- right, he De-function you by making you to live below your potentials, making sure you live your life according to the dictates of your ego, and since you cannot differentiate the different between your spirit and your ego, you began to run your home through your senses, everything that you sees matter to you, fear has become your watch dog, doubt is now your twin sister, you forgot that you are a spirit that manifest himself in the physical universe. It is at this stage that the devil has killed you, where you cannot differentiate who you are and the outcome of your life, eliminating completely the word of God in you and your life.


Excellency is far from you, because excellence is of the spirit. And you are now a puppet in the prison of your own mind. You’ve exchange your rights, for the symbols of wealth, you chase security thinking life is a battle you cannot win.

This shows that you lack knowledge of who you are; it only tells that you’ve exchanged your excellent spirit to the dictate of your self-image. Forgetting when I told you I have come that you might have life that you might have it more abundantly, forgetting that you are the light of the world, forgetting that you’re more than a conqueror, forgetting that Christ in you is the hope of glory, not remembering that there is a God that neither sleep nor slumber because of you. Losing your staff of office as an ambassador of God;

The Excellency of your home is in you, and you can only have access to it by living through your spirit, the God in you, the knowledge of the word of God is all you need, not the dictate of the system of this world, not the memory of your past. Didn’t I tell you not to conform to the system of the world; because I know when you do, you will lose the excellent spirit that beautifies your life and your home, to the lies of the devil. The present is a gift to you to live a better tomorrow, and not the memory of your past life. That past life cannot help you because it only remind you of the pain of yesterday and when you bring that past to your home, you will only make your husband to see the depressed and happy self of you, and not that excellent spirit in you, that you are unfolding right now.



In Her Home dwells an excellent Spirit

I have even heard of thee, that the spirit of God is in thee, and that light and understanding and an excellent wisdom is found in thee. Daniel 5:14

When you chose to do the best in what you do, you invite an excellent spirit into your life, and he help you to progress and develop the kind of success you desire, he make you to refuse half measure and shun mediocrity and help you to do excellent things. It doesn’t matter where you are right now, be passionate about excellence. Dare to be different; do things excellently, have an excellent mind, because that is who you are.

You are a product of an excellent God; you are God’s own handiwork. You are his reproduction; his perfectly crafted and excellently created masterpiece. You must know this, this is how valuable you are and why you should never think failure; you are made for the glory of God, you are a wonder, a product of divine orchestration and a miracle going somewhere to happen. You are God’s dream come true; you are His best.

When God made you, He said you are very good. Anything less than that is not who you really are. And because you are the product of an excellent spirit, your home is a home of an excellent spirit.

You must work with this consciousness, to get the best for your home, it is your home, make it the best by inviting the excellent spirit to work with you. Understand that the perfection of your finishing is a description of the perfection of your personality. It makes you unique, it makes you the queen, it makes you the king’s choice, and you are excellent. It is the personality of God, mind you, “don’t you know that ye are the children of the most high”, and Excellency is in your nature.



In the prison of my own mind

 What is happening to me…for the past weeks now, the event that happened at Judis bar has been on my mind. Today is Monday and I haven’t finished the sloggate project report…oh God what is happening to me, plaese help me, I want myself back.

Listen, what is your mind conscious of at all time reveals your reality. Pure consciousness creates pure potential, and pure potential is the father of creativity.

Man is always distracted by event of no value, so this event or experiences is what he places his mind on all day, thinking and asking himself questions; who did she think she is, how can he do that to me, why will she disappoint me that way, I am going to deal with him, I will show her who I am, she treat me lika a dirt, and so on all day…

Man reality becomes what he is conscious of, knowingly or unknowingly, he is becoming what he thinks, instead of him spending time focusing on what he want, he end up thinking the negative events of the past.

Listen…what do you want out of life is in you, focus on it, be conscious of it, think of it at all times, and your consciousness will creates to you the potentiality of getting it, so also is the event of your past, you feel depressed because your consciousness is giving you the results of your negative thoughts.

Man is a believe made being; it is to him according to his faith. So a Godless man is a dead man, waiting for his end with pain and grief.

God says, “come unto me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” this proves that, what man need in his life is a God. To be spiritually minded is life and peace, but to be physically minded is death.

 Let your mind be on God at all time and your consciousness will bring life and peace to you. It is also the same when you mind is on physical things, your consciousness will bring to you his results, pain and depression, the worries of life.

So God is all you need to get the best of your life and that project done.

From the book THE RIGHT-CHOICE LIFE ‘When the decisions you make becomes your God’




Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of men.

Lies are always naked, they don’t put on cloths. It is just a matter of time, everyone will see her nakedness. And the truth will come forth smiling. Anyone that needs your solution (products) wants the truth, with love. Because, love won’t lie; I have the greatest solution man ever needed-the complete package of salvation. I offer man an opportunity to be reconnected, back to his God. I speak of heaven and earth, how beautiful heaven is, the mansion over there; if it were not so I wouldn’t have told you. I never gave a misleading massage. I told my friends that believe in me, about how they will be treated because of me, “for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their worship places” (Matthew 10:17)

I told them of their affliction, how some of them will be killed, for my sake, I was just preparing them, because I have seen it already. One of my friends was so afflicted that he wrote saying, “of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once I was stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep” (2 Corinthians 11:24-25)

I told them this will happen; I made them to have the complete picture of my salvation package. I also told them of all the benefits, and today they all are honored till the end of the world. It is a complete package, all this was for your sake, so when I told you to believe me, I know it is for your own good, when I say you should be honest, I know I have given you all things that pertain unto life and godliness, so why lie, when you know lies goes around naked.

From the book THE RIGHT-CHOICE LIFE ‘When the decisions you make becomes your God’



Triumph of the Spirit

Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World


Inspiration has no religion, its for every one!


Learning the importance of self-worth


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Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown News

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Triumph of the Spirit

Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World


Inspiration has no religion, its for every one!


Learning the importance of self-worth


Just another site


Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown News

The latest news on and the WordPress community.