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I love my wife, we dated for a year before we got married and during our cutting days, we spend time together, we love each other, I respect her views and opinions, she also respect mind, the relationship was okay, she likes to socialize and I like it too…she love me and I knew it, she will do everything for me to be happy, her joy is seeing me happy and joyful.
But I had this experience in life, I thought I was because I am not married and in some of my dream I usually see this lady very beautiful, she will come and make love with me, and I love it, she is the side of me I am shy of talking about in the physical, but I never consider that  a reality all I think about is Abigail, my girl friend, I never told her about the dreams, because I love seeing this lady in my dream, I can’t wait to sleep and here she is…it was one of my greatest moment.

When Abigail and I finally got married, at first things were good, the marriage was talk of town, our families and friends grace the occasion and my friends told me how lucky I was for Abigail to marry me, I know she is a wife. 

A month after my Union with Abigail, my dream lady shows up in my dream and told me she is going to destroy me, because I cheated on her, by marrying Abigail and having sex with another woman, I asked her how she knew about my wife, and she told me the story of my I got married to her when I was sixteen years old, the day I saw the naked picture of a beautiful Lady, I remember immediately she said that, and I knew how I wish I can have sex with her…to my greatest surprise, my wish came to pass in one of my dream I was getting married, but I did not see my family members I could only remembered someone putting a ring on my finger… Now this my dream lady is telling me it was real that I got married to her when I was sixteen years old. I was shocked and I wanted to ask more questions, then I woke up, it was a dream.

When I woke I up from that dream, Abigail was steering at me…honey what is the matter, I heard you talking on your dream and you are sweating…tell me what did you dream about…and I said nothing, I couldn’t remember, that was the beginning of my nightmare.. The moment I lied to Abigail. That morning I was thinking of what the lady in my dream told me…how she was real, I remembered all the  sex I heard with her… How I loved it, so much, but never in my widest imagination, that what happen in the dream is real… Abigail knew something was wrong, she was just observing me..I couldn’t pretend, it was like I am still dreaming. I left for work and when I came back home..Abigail was waiting for me for another surprise… O my God.

To be continue




Today is a new day, it is a new life, the only way you can interfere with the affairs of today is to change your mind, by thinking about the past . 
God does not remember your past, because He is in the present, you can only be with God in the present, most times the past is remembered because it was a painful experience, and it is very difficult to forget it, but it is in forgetting it, that you can enjoy the present, the present is the joy, because that is where God is, and God is love, you can’t be in the present with Gid, and be thinking of the pain of yesterday. It is not possible, the present of God will leave you immediately your mind is not with Him, remember how you love your child, and you says good things about him, at that moment your mind has nothing evil about your child, you are thinking of caring for him, you want yo know if he need anything, it is because you are in the present with God, who is love, but the moment someone you don’t like comes into the scene your mood changes, God will leeave, why because what changes your mood is not in the present but what has happened between the person that came to the scene and you in that past, it might be an experience or an information, as long as it is not a good experience or a good news, it will change the present. That is how we find ourselves in painful mood.

Your pain is always in the past, it is interfering with the present whenever you change your mind and start thinking about it, God is not a past God, He is always in the present, and in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy and there are pleasure forever more, it is this joy snd pleasure that the enemy of our lives in interested on, for he knew that as long as we keep thinking of the past, how painful it was, how things are not working for you, how you were abused by others, how your parents left you, how you lost your job, how your heart was broken by Peter, or how Jane left you for Bill, he is happy, because that is where he gets his own joy and pleasure. But the moment you change your mind and start thinking of how God saved you from that accident, your mood will change, giving God thanks is a way of telling the devil, you have lost and you will never steal my joy. I know who you are, you are the enemy of my joy, and I can’t think of exchanging my joy with your pain.

 Pain is in the past, you cannot be angry or someone cannot upset you, when you have not seen that person before, or heard about him or had an experience with him, because in the past he is not there… but if you do, it is a demonic case. 

Keep changing your mind by meditating the word of God, by thanks giving, by thinking of something good, lovely, peaceful, and the enemy of your soul will be unhappy.

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Man is not a machine, yes he has a purpose, man is not an animal, yes he has a purpose, man is not a rock or a stone, yes he has a purpose, just as everything manufactured has a purpose, man also has one.
Man will never live up to his full potential if he fail to function in the purpose of his creator. 

Man comprises of a spirit, soul and body, this three agrees as one, anywhere you find a man, you will find them, the creator of man, made man in His image according to his likeness. Just as He is the Father, the word and the Holy Spirit, and they agree as one. The union of the three composition of man, makes him a man, if one is missing, he is not a man anymore, if he leaves his body, he has become a spirit, and those who still have body cannot see him, all they will say is, he is dead. Man only recognized the physical nature of himself, and that has been the problem, the focus is on the body, and how to fulfill his desires, the basic necessity of life, that is what they call it, and it is this basic necessity of life that put man in a position of lack, sorrow and pain.

For man is not just a body, when you focus only on the body’s desires and ignore the spirit and the soul, this means there is no unity, and where there is no unity, you cannot grow to fulfill your purpose, for God made you to be in harmony in other to function in dominion, and because you focus only on the desires of the body, life has left you. This is why death is to the man whose mind is carnal, and life is  him whose mind is spiritual.

The soul and the spirit of man is spiritual, not seen by the physical eyes, but housed by his body, to those who believe in God, the word of God says, if any man defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy which temple you are. 1 Corinthian 3:17

Then if you are God’s temple you are of life and not of death, God dwells in you because you are holy, God will never dwell in a temple that is not holy, and this is what defiles the temple of God,”SIN” meaning you are getting it wrong. 

The only way to get it right is to live right  according to the Word, who is Jesus Christ, when you obey Him, you live right and when you disobeyed Him you live wrong and it is call sun. Jesus came to deliver man from the bondage of the devil, to make things right again, when you believe in him, that he is the son of God, sent to open the gate of salvation to man, then you are save, and your salvation is in the spirit not in the flesh.

The human body become the sinful nature because he is weak and not a spirit, like God,  when you live according to the dictate  of your flesh, you live contrary to the spirit and the spirit is of God.

 It is this sinful nature that is the root course of your problems in life. You live all your life trying to please the flesh, that is trying to be better than your neighbor, competing with everyone, which is so because the sinful nature of man is egocentric and he will do anything to protect his ego. 

The way out is to live by the spirit, through Jesus Christ “for the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the spirit and the spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature, they are in conflict with each other” live by the spirit (the word of God) and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

Take a look around, the world is now a global village or community,  just a click of a button you can know what is happening around the world, Man’s desires is not about his spiritual nature but his sinful nature,  this is what the devil want, he knows man cannot be satisfy with the desires of his flesh, everyday the carnal man seek to satisfy the desires of his sinful nature and by so doing he sin against God… God is not please with you when you denied Him, by ignoring his commandments, and this commandments is for our own good, God is God, there is nothing we can do about it, He is still God, He has not changed, but you changed the day you sinned against him, and ever since you, are in the wrong path of your life, and this path is not the path for salvation but the path of death. 

Come today, let us choose, to live it right, let Jesus take His rightful position in your life, and let Him change that situation of yours, let Him take you out of the bondage of sin, into the kingdom of light, don’t wait, today is the day, and He is calling you, He loves you and He want to help, but He cannot help you if you don’t invite Him into your heart, for you are the choice maker.

Say this prayer with me, if you want Jesus Christ to come and take control over your life, now not tomorrow.

O God, I am sorry, I am a sinner, I live everyday just to please myself and my desires, now I know it is bad, it is not right, come into my heart, make it right for me, I know you shared your blood for me on the cross in Calvary, deliver me by the blood, take this pain away from my heart, give me another chance, I will live right by living according to your word, help me. O Holy Spirit of God, come into my heart and I will live a life of holiness. Change my story and I will testify to the glory of your name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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Remain bless.



Coming out of that mess

Life is good only for those who believe so, for many life is fill with up’s and down, but only those who believe in God, are strong, their life is not determine by what they have achieved, or by the status of their bank account, God is their shepherd and they are the sheep of His pasture, for the sheep trust the shepherd, that he will lead him to his green grass, he will protect him from his predictors, he will always be there for him, so all he those is to trust his shepherd and does whatever he want him to do.
Life is like that, to those who believe not in the shepherd, they are like sheep without a shepherd, they try to take care of themselves, with no one to protect them or to lead them to a green grace, life become up’s and down to them, because they refuse to believe the word of the good shepherd (JESUS CHRIST)… Jesus is the only way to life any other way is a way to death. He is calling you today, so that he can bring you out of that mess

Don’t ignore his voice. He love you. He knows everything about you, he is only waiting for you to make that choice.

Chose today to believe in God. And let Him start leading your ways, and that will end the era of up and down lifestyle.

If you want God to be your shepherd right now, pray this prayer with me.

O Lord my Father, i am so sorry, I have chose my own way, and my way is fill with the up and down of life. I don’t want to live that way again, please come into my life and become my shepherd, I love you, i trust you I believe in you, help me to live right by obeying your words. Help o Lord, according to your tender mercy, change my story and may you become my Jesus name I pray. Amen

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May God bless you. 



Do you love him? Yes
Why do you love him? I just don’t know.

This is love, for love has no reason to love you. He loves you, not because you are the best or you have no faults or weaknesses, or you are the most beautiful…love just love you, love is not looking for something, love has everything, all he want is to share what he has, and that is what love does…sharing. Love is joy, so he gives you joy. Love is peace so you are peaceful with him. Love is longsuffering, so he will be with you in the time of trial. Love is kind, and you know it. Love is good, and he always make sure you are first. Love is faithful that is why he cannot lie to you. Love is gentle and he is never hash or full of wrath. Love is self-control, and he will never disrespect you or fight you. Love is love, those who have love says thank you for accepting me just the way I am.

Those who hates others, cannot love you, because they don’t have love, don’t bother, you can only give what you have, love and hate are two different personality, they cannot stay together in one body, it is like saying light and darkness are friends, or salt water and fresh water are from the same source.

Those who are selfish, cannot love you, selfishness means me, myself and I, all he does is for himself, he doesn’t think of others, the only time he thinks of others is for others to help him achieve his selfish desires, that is why he is selfish.

Those who are envious of others cannot love, for envy is not a fruit of love but of the carnal mind, as I say you can’t give what you don’t have. A man of envy, cannot love you.

Outburst of wrath, this is the character of an evil mind, this person cannot love you, he need help and his helper is a man of God. He is easily angered, because he is afraid of losing his pride, he interprete every word from an egocentric perspective, and when he replies you, he does it with hash words, even when you say to him, I love you, his reply is hash, because he is not capable of showing you love, for he cannot give you what he doesn’t have.

Love is God, for those who love, first love God, and God gave them love, and told them to do likewise, “Love your neighbor as yourself” for this is a great commandment, and because of their love for God, they obey Him, so is obedience, love is respect.

Did he love God? I don’t think he does…then let him go. If he is your spouse give him love, don’t run away, allow God to help you, then you will help him. 

Did he love God, yes he is kind, he is gentle, he is faithful, he has self control, he is not selfish, he is patience and very prayerful, he always talk about his God. Then love thank you. 

This is why he hates you, he has no love and cannot give what he doesn’t have. 

If you want to love so that you can give love, say this prayer with me.

O lord my God, I am very sorry, I want to love you, now I know why I cannot love my neighbors and those who love me…I open my heart for you to come in, take more of me and give me more of you, more of your love, more of your power and more of your sound mind. I want to be more like you. Help me Holy Spirit of God, I want to live right, in spirit and in truth, so that I can love. In Jesus name I pray.

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We will always pray for you. 

Remain bless. I am just a messenger, sent to you. For the times are evil. 



And God said “let Us make man in our image, according to our likeness and let them have POWER over our creation”
Yes, power over God’s creations, that is the birds of the air, the fishes of the sea, and every creeping things on the surface of the earth, this was the power given to man, and not a power over your kind… Why because power is from one source and that source is God. He is in you and also in me, so when you want to excercise your power over me, then it is a proof that we are different, that the sources of your power is not thesame as mine, so you are afraid and want to destroy me, Remember for this reason God said “behold I give unto you power above all the powers of your enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” yes, the power from God is above all, it is greater than any other power.

Those who fight you because of the God you serve are after your power, the power God gave you, because once God’s power comes upon you, your task is to destroy all the powers of your enemy. One thing I realized about this power over the powers of your enemy is this, this power can only come upon you when you are holy, because God is holy, for it takes holiness to carry power, if not power will destroy you. 

God said, “be holy because I am holy” this is the processing chamber to the path of power, so you can’t get the power of God without holiness, for Holiness and power goes together, that is why the enemy of your life goes after your holiness, for as long as you don’t live a holy life you can’t have the power that can destroy them.

“If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, which temple you are”(1 for 3:17)

The first step to having power is cleansing, spiritual cleansing…taking control over the desires of your flesh. Many of us cannot do without food, because the world says food is important for your health, many can’t live without money, because the world says money will get you all your needs, but only few knows and believed man shall not live by bread alone, and God is the most important on earth, only few also knows that money is not the most important thing on earth, but God is, so they choose to obey God rather than what the world says… they live their lives by obeying the commandments of God, and not what others says …and God said, whosoever is born of God has overcome the world” power is for those who are born of God. That is the spiritual, those whose passion are to fulfil the purpose of God.

Love the Lord your God with the whole of your heart, soul and mind, and also love your neighbor as yourself… For this are the greatest commandments given to man, but commandment has always been the problem, for those who think they know God but can’t obey His commandment…that has been their weakness, and their enemies konws it. This is the sword of power, obedience… For it took disobedience for man to lose his power and it will also take obedience to have access back to power.

That problem you find yourself in, need the power from God, that sickness that refuses to heal, need the power of God for it to be healed, that situation that has refused to change for the better need the power of God to be solved, that relationship that has no unity of love, need the power of God to destroy all the powers of your enemy.

Choose today to obey God rather than sacrifice, for the days are evil, i am just a messenger, sent to share His words with you, if you want the power of God to come over you now pray his prayer with me.

Father, i am sorry, I have sinned against you, for i have chose to live according to the dictates of my flesh desires, please have mercy on me.  Now I know the truth may the truth make me free, may your mercy locate me, and may your grace help me, to always make the right decision and to always obey your commandments, I invite you into my life. in Jesus name i pray. Amen 

If you just pray this prayet send me a mail saying”I now have the power of God” 

Thanks for sharing your time with God, may God bless you.



Love is not a feeling or an emotion to desires, but love is spiritual, love is not carnal and the darkness not love.

We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us, and our fellowship is with the Father and with his son, Jesus Christ. God is light in him there is no darkness at all, “if you says you have fellowship with God (light) and yet walk in the darkness, you lie, and do not practice the truth, but if you walk in the light as He (God) is in the light, you have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses you from all sin. 1 John 1:3.

Fellowship means a state of being with someone…relating with each other, and we can only do that when we love each other,  when you spend your time with me, talking and helping each other, we are fellowshipping with one another, so also having fellowship with God who is light is possible when you walk in the light, that is the truth, you cannot claim to have fellowship with God and yet walk in the darkness, you are lying, for light and darkness have nothing in common and cannot relate or have fellowship. When you have fellowship with God, the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse you from all sin. It is in Jesus Christ we live and have our being as a Christian, if anyone is not in Jesus Christ, he is in the darkness, and cannot live the truth, so we must agree to live the truth to attract the light of God into our life, and this light is the only spirit that can defeat the darkness in our life, all the issues and problems your are facing in life has his root in the darkness, so also every success of glory you will ever experience in life have his root in the light of God… And God said let there be light and there was light….and from the light God created the heaven and the earth…it is in your fellowship with God (light)that you will live a life of success that come without sorrow.

Say this prayer if you want to have fellowship with God. 

O Lord my God, I am sorry, I thought I have fellowship with you, but now I know better, I cannot have fellowship with you and still be walking in the darkness, have mercy on me…I am inviting you into my life now. Come and take control over my spirit, soul and body, I am ready to have fellowship with you, to obey your word, live your word, talk your word and love as you love. In Jesus Christ name Amen.

If you say, this prayer send me a mail saying ” I am now in fellowship with God” to and I will send you a free eBook. 

Thank you.

God bless you. 


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Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World


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Learning the importance of self-worth


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Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

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Triumph of the Spirit

Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World


Inspiration has no religion, its for every one!


Learning the importance of self-worth


Just another site


Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

The Blog

The latest news on and the WordPress community.